General information


From the first impression to the last detail

With its amazing architectural solutions, spacious lofts separated by industrial brick walls, and original steel pillars, Golipark offers a unique environment for both small and big businesses. Offices, lofts, studios and multifunctional areas are upstairs, while shops and warehouses are available for rent downstairs.



Choosing your offices smartly can increase business efficiency

To select your office smartly you need to take several factors into account, such as accessibility, layout, natural light, ergonomy, comfort and multifunctionality. With time, employee-friendly offices increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. Owing to its unique characteristics, Golipark hosts several internationally successful creative companies. Satisfied customers are our greatest success.


Business environment

Attractive and employee-friendly offices

During the interior reconstructions we are focusing on the individual requirements of our tenants while keeping the fine industrial heritage of the old Goldberger factory. The estate’s complete area is 2 acres. Within the building there is a total usable area of 11,000 m2. 75% of the area is used as lofts, offices, studios, multifunctional areas while 25% is used as warehouses. Apart from the size of the office the rent depends on individual agreements, which might include development projects to suit your individual needs.


Social responsibility

A great environment requires more than great buildings

Within the premises of Golipark and PP Business Center we are supporting social and cultural projects as part of our Social Responsibility program. You can find further information on the funded projects and events in our Social Responsibility menu and in Artkartell news.