Central Old Buda

Golipark is situated in the 3rd district of Budapest at Perc utca 2-8. It is just a few hundred meters south of Flórian square and the Buda side of Árpád bridge.

Parking in front of the building

Golipark is located at  parking area 0302, parking fee is HUF 265 / hour.

Easy public transport accessibility from all directions

Golipark can easily be approached by 86, 109 and 206 (only at weekends) busses. Get off at Timár utca or Kiscelli utca bus stops. Serfőző utca and Árpád híd stops are also quite close, where you can take busses 118, 134, 137, 218, 237, 34, 106 and also trams 1 and 1A. The Timár utca station of the HÉV train is also comfortably close. From Aquincum felső train station busses 34 or 106 will take you to Árpád bridge, which is just 3 minutes walk from Golipark.